Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Thc Gummies Supply has put in place safe, secured and convenient cannabis payment methods for our clients to pay for their orders we are working on a number of other payment methods which will be made available to our clients soon.

We offer an onsite ATM for your convenience. Due to federal financial and legal restrictions, most merchant banks do not accept California medical marijuana dispensaries as customers.

Visa and Mastercard have both come out publicly to state their marijuana policy — That is, no federally illegal transactions may occur inside their systems.

As soon as the Federal Government provides additional clarity to banks and financial institutions around credit card processing for medical marijuana, we will be first in line to sign up for a credit card merchant account. Feel free to shop at your leisure and select your preferred THC gummies payment method from our list at checkout.

Pay With Debit Or Credit using Bitcoin

How to pay with Bitcoin or other Altcoins.

We usually advise most of our clients to choose one of the most reliable and quickest ways to get their payment across to us once Products have been added to the cart. Most clients both old and new prefer paying with cryptocurrency which ensures both safety and discreetness. Here is how you can get some.

To be able to pay with bitcoin, you need to have a wallet, this could be an app or website where you can securely hold your cryptocurrency when you purchase them. We recommend you download the following apps or visit these websites to buy bitcoin.

Buy Bitcoin With Cash App

Buy Bitcoin With Coinbase

Buy Bitcoin With Paxful

Buy Bitcoin from Bitcoin Atm

Buy Bitcoin With CoinMama

Buy Bitcoin With Coingate

Here is How to buy thc gummies online with bitcoin at thcgummiessupply .com

So you got the Bitcoin in your wallet already, pay close attention to what you should do next because this step is crucial. Copy the Address provided to you in the order confirmation, it’s something like this: 3Bmu9D5psc8PBoH325Twhqma4H8eRndLAr

Open your bitcoin wallet and click send Bitcoin. Copy and paste that into your bitcoin wallet when you are sending as the receiving address. You will have to take a screenshot and forward it as e reply to the email confirming your order and you are done, pretty simple right.

Here is how to buy thc gummies online with altcoins.

Here, you want to make sure you have the altcoins already in your wallet. The process of getting them is the same as for bitcoin. Select the altcoin you wish to pay with at checkout when prompted for the payment method. You will see a wallet address or barcode to scan just like you would with bitcoin. If you cannot see your desired altcoin as one of the methods, contact us immediately so we can send you the wallet manually.

Other Payment Methods.

We also have Zelle and CashApp as one of the payment methods to choose from if you cannot get your hands on Bitcoin or any altcoin.