Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Thc Gummies Supply has put in place safe, secured and convenient cannabis payment methods for our clients to pay for their orders we are working on a number of other payment methods which will be made available to our clients soon.

We offer an onsite ATM for your convenience. Due to federal financial and legal restrictions, most merchant banks do not accept California medical marijuana dispensaries as customers.

Visa and Mastercard have both come out publicly to state their marijuana policy — That is, no federally illegal transactions may occur inside their systems.

As soon as the Federal Government provides additional clarity to banks and financial institutions around credit card processing for medical marijuana, we will be first in line to sign up for a credit card merchant account. Feel free to shop at your leisure and select your preferred thc gummies payment method from our list at checkout.


Pay With Paypal

You can buy your THC gummies online and make your payments with PayPal. enjoy a seamless checkout PayPal process with our trusted Friends and Family option for cheaper processing costs. You can use PayPal when ordering from within the USA or from anywhere worldwide.

Pay With CashApp

Cashapp is also available for US clients only especially those who can use it to buy bitcoin and use that to make their payments. Enjoy some of the best deals available.

Pay With Bitcoin

Are you a crypto enthusiast like we are? Get an instant 10% discount paying for our CBD gummies online at  Use the discount code “get10” at checkout to enjoy this discount.