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Shipping and Refunds

Shipping Information For Buying THC Gummies Online

U.S(All States), U.K, and global shipping parcels are discreet.
All orders will be shipped immediately after payment is confirmed.
If you live in the suburbs, it sometimes takes up to 5 working days to arrive.
Most orders will be delivered to your home within 1 to 3 days after shipment.

Express orders are usually delivered within the above-mentioned period at most from the delivery date,
However, the delivery date provided is an estimate and cannot be guaranteed.
All packages are discreet and safe. (I.e. jiffy bags and box or envelope).

Priority shipping using EMS, USPS, UPS, FedEx, and TNT. Sign the first-level delivery. Fully trackable. No signature is required when collecting it.
Express is overnight (24 hours)
The standard delivery time is 3 working days.

NB: For complicated products restricted as per individual state laws.

All orders are double vacuum sealed and invisible packaging, so canine (dog) or electronic sniffer can not detect the smell.

If your goods do not arrive, we can provide you with proof of delivery, and you will be compensated, but no refund will be given unless it is our mistake.

Things are professionally wrapped in oily plastic, there is no smell, no X-ray penetration, even the ION scanner can not be detected. Then package it in a PlayStation or X-box carton so that the buyer receives the same as a newly ordered game

We also send custom packages (diplomatic seals) to evade all custom checks. To avoid crushing, the items will be in small packages. Many concentrates (such as hash and amber glass) can be mailed in flat envelopes.

This envelope will be shipped by mail.
If any items are missing from the order or the product is defective, we must receive an alert within 24 hours after the delivery time.
100% risk-free and safe delivery to home address and post office box address.