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CONTENTS: 8 x Assorted party gummies
Dosage: Each gummy contains 30 mg THC. Start with a candy, wait for half an hour to digest, and then eat more.
Effects: brain, euphoria, giggle, happiness, hunger, relaxation, and sleepiness
Medical effects: depression, fatigue, inflammation, insomnia, loss of appetite, pain, and stress
THC content: 240 mg



Faded Cannabis Co. Party Pack Gummies is a delicious alternative way to enjoy cannabis without smoking. For health-conscious people who are concerned about the potentially harmful side effects of smoking or e-cigarettes, food is a viable option for medication. This pack contains 8 pieces of Faded Cannabis Co.’s most loved THC-infused gum.

7 reviews for Buy Faded Cannabis Co. Party Pack Gummies

  1. Walkindude

    goes well with a cbd gummy

  2. Tigrou15

    Could eat the whole bag, really tasty!

  3. GreenQueen

    These are tasty and the perfect strength, 1-2 depending on how much you actually want to get done 🙂

    I would buy them again, I find the faded edibles to be really nice quality overall.

  4. WFO

    For Sure these Faded Folks have there Goomies down to Perfection, they taste just like Candy and then in about 1 hour for me Buzzzzzzzzzz , Yesssss, just what the Doctor Ordered, Plus no smoking(injesting carcinigins in lungs) or carrying pipes and joints etc. Just have Lunch, Open my resealable Fresh Pack and Toss a Couple down BadaBing Bada… BOOM!!!

  5. Lingcodenth

    Every gummy in this pack tastes great, and they work even better.

  6. DG

    Variety pack tastes great, dosed very well, and very strong effect depending on what you take. Wish they had over 500mg. Must add to your order.

  7. willigus

    Really good, cherry ones leave a bad aftertaste like all cherry edibles though

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