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Buy Mystic Medibles THC Brownie


CONTENTS; 1x THC Brownie
MEDICAL EFFECTS; Stress, Insomnia, Pain, Inflammation, Depression & Lack of Appetite
EFFECTS; Happy, Hungry, Sleepy, Giggly & Relaxed


Immerse yourself in true decadence with Mystic Medibles THC Brownies. These delicious baked snacks are adult-friendly alternatives that can satisfy your sweet tooth needs, or are perfect for hanging out! Mystic Medibles provides a wide range of baked goods, candies, and other THC-infused foods, perfects their craftsmanship, and combines their knowledge of cannabinoids, human digestive system, and artisan cooking skills to create the perfect weed-infused treat for you. Their rich chocolate cake is made with wholesome ingredients such as natural cocoa powder, real eggs, and MCT oil to help digest THC and other beneficial cannabinoids. Mystic Medibles THC Brownie comes in two strength variants: 200 mg is suitable for users with regular tolerances, and up to 400 mg THC brownie is suitable for more experienced stoners who prefer fun travel!


200mg, 400mg

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