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Buy Mystic Medibles THC Cookie

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CBD:100mg THC per package
CONTENTS: 1x THC Chocolate Chip Cookie
Benefits: Pain, Stress Relief, Depression, Loss of Appetite, Lack of Sleep & Lack of Creativity
EFFECTS: Uplifted, Leaves you Relaxed, Happy mood, Hungry, Sleepy & Creative. Try it now


Satisfy your sweets in the best way for any adult-with Mystic Medibles and its wide range of THC infused candies and baked goods, you are sure to find the perfect snack! Their THC chocolate chip cookies are made with natural ingredients such as high-quality eggs, real cocoa, and hemp-infused coconut oil to ensure consistent consumption. Each biscuit is infused with 100 milligrams of unflavored canna-oil to provide you with plenty of snacks without having to take a bite.

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